Sunday, January 5, 2014

First finish of the year.

Look my second post of the year!  I am already ahead of what I did last year!  I have even managed to finish something this year as well.  I had started this little Mill Hill bead kit just after Christmas but didn't finish it.  I thought about putting it away and saving it for next Christmas but my DD said if I finished it now I would be ahead by one ornament for gifts next year.  So I finished it.  I really like these Mill Hill ornaments.  They are really fun and pretty quick to stitch up.  I am done with Christmas for a while. I made over twenty ornaments for co workers, teachers and coaches.  I think will have to start earlier next year though.  Some of them didn't get finished in time for me to give them out before the Holiday break.
On the gym front, competition season will start full force in two weeks.  First we are going to go and see a college meet next weekend in Salt Lake City.  We get to see the University of Utah, Southern Utah University, BYU and Boise State all compete.  These meets are so fun to watch.  DD is hoping to compete in college, especially University of Utah or Boise State.  Then the following weekend it is off to warm Las Vegas for a huge meet.  There will be over 2000 girls competing in 3 days.  Craziness.  I am just hoping it is warm!  After that it is a meet back in Boise, a week off, another meet in Boise, two weeks off , 2 more meets, two weeks off and the State.  It is quite the whirlwind but in three months the whole season is over and they start training all over again.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My once year post :)

Hopefully I really will do better this year on keeping my blog up and just getting to do more stitching in general.

It was a decent year in stitching but unfortunately I spent more time on the computer reading about gymnastics and stitching than actually doing any stitching.  I did have quite a few small finishes two of which won best in show at the Eastern Idaho State Fair.  That was exciting!  Funny thing is, I don't get to keep either one :)

My other time consumer is taking DD to gymnastics and practices and meets. This year she is a Level 7 and gets to choose her own music and choreograph her our routines and she is supper excited about it.  This is a video of her first meet.  She did well but there is a kind of scary fall but she bounced right back up on the beam and kept going.  There were no placements at this meet.

So here is to a more balanced stitching/computer/cleaning 2014.