Sunday, November 25, 2012

New Finishes!

I was busy this Thanksgiving break finishing up my Christmas gifts to staff at school.  It is minor miracle that these are done so soon.  Usually I am scrambling the night before trying to get them done.

These were a kit I got from 123 stitch.  They stitched up fast and look nice.

These are Mill Hill bead kits.  I love doing these little guys.
I still have one more ornament to finish for my DD10 but I couldn't find my glue gun to glue it all together.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A few finishes

I did finish a few things in time for the state fair this year.  After almost 3 years I finished this fractal freebee.  While I love the way it came out, I will never do another one again.  All of those confetti stitches just drove me crazy.  This one took fourth place mainly because there is a stitch missing!
Next I have been doing the Lizzie Kate Stamps and I have finished January, March and April.  Not sure what happened to February.  I skipped it some how.  I plan on starting it as my next travel project. I could only enter one of them so I choose January.  It won second place!
I also entered two ornaments.  One is a Mill Hill stocking.  I have actually finished six of these and they will be gifts to my co-workers at Christmas.  I was really happy with the first place on this one.
The other ornament I entered was a ginger bread house made from perforated paper that was then cut out and folded to make a little ginger bread house.  There are three of these that I made for my DD for Christmas for three different years.
The last thing I entered was another Lizzie Kate design for Valentine's Day.
I haven't stitched as much recently as I would like. I have gone back to work full time as a Montessori teacher.  I love it but it totally wears me out! I have completed a bunch of other Christmas ornaments that as soon as I actually finish, finish them, I will post.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Since Multiply died a new blog...

Well, since Multiply apparently has died I need to start a new blog so here it is.  I will attempt to keep this one more up to date than the last one!  I plan on putting stitchy stuff and gymnastics stuff here as DD10 gymnastics competition season gets underway.  So thanks for checking in and come back to see more stuff soon!